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Tuning Tesla

Tesla tuning - is to change the exterior and interior of your electric vehicle to create an individual style that will make your vehicle stand out in the crowd and attract the attention of others with its refined uniqueness.

Tesla "Cyber 3" – is a tuning project by the manufacturer "TSK", it is Your unique Tesla.

Компания "TSK " - is the production of modern and unique TSK carbon tuning parts for the Tesla range:

Any modification to a car is commonly referred to as tuning, but is it really? To get to the bottom of this, it's worth taking a look at history.
In fact, car tuning refers to the process of changing the factory characteristics of a car, as follows:

● improving the vehicle's technical parameters;
● power boost;
● increased control;
● reduced fuel consumption;
● reducing the emission of hazardous substances through the exhaust system.
Improving the car's appearance is called styling. But this variant is rarely used “among the people”. And the professionals themselves prefer to say “tuning”.

Tuning Tesla: what is it for?
When deciding on car tuning, every owner has one goal in mind - to make their vehicle even cooler, more original, and brighter! A quality-improved car attracts the admiring glances of others and gives maximum pleasure to its owner. Tuning Tesla – is a great way to customize your car and reflect your individuality in your vehicle. It's all down to the car owner's imagination! One thing's for sure: designing your own car and the finished vehicle that has already been perfected are a treat for every driver!

Types of Tesla electric vehicle tuning
Changes to the car can range from fitting aerodynamic body kits to headlights with illuminated rings and “eyelashes”. This applies to the exterior of the vehicle. But inside the vehicle, there are many interesting changes and improvements that can be made. In this regard, there are two types of tuning: external and internal. Read more about them.

External Tuning Tesla. It is due to external upgrades that the primary external effect is achieved. It may be anything, as there are many options for external tuning: neon lights (looks fascinatingly beautiful); tinting (not only gives the car a peculiar style, but also reduces light penetration into the cabin); airbrushing (any drawing the car owner likes); spectacular rims (design diversity that will please even the most capricious and demanding customer); headlight covers (will give the car an original appearance); and not only.
TSK's Tesla 'Cyber 3' tuning project makes it possible to externally modify your Tesla electric car.

Ready modification package TSK "Cyber 3 "for Your Tesla:
● Front bumper incl. carbon front spoiler & original modified optics
● Rear bumper incl. massive carbon diffusor
● Fiberglass front trunk
● Carbon side skirts
● Front and rear custom fenders

Оptional modification TSK "Cyber 3 " for Your Tesla:
● Carbon front trunk (only with Modification Package)
● Fiberglass rear trunk incl replaced reversing light
● Carbon rear trunk spoiler
● Carbon fiber turn signal covers & carbon fiber side mirror shell covers

Internal Tesla tuning. The internal upgrade is more for the car owner himself. Such tuning will add both comfort and originality to the car interior. This includes unusual seat covers, themed mats, beautiful interior lighting, "sports" style steering wheels with additional control buttons, and tuning pedals.
Tuning inside the car interior means not only pleasure for the eyes, but also comfort. This includes having the interior upholstered, fitting extra airbags, window tinting, mechanical anti-theft devices, and much more.
TSK's Tesla 'Cyber 3' tuning project makes the internal modification of your Tesla electric car possible.

Internal modification TSK "Cyber 3" for Your Tesla:
● Red customized interior
● Castom steering wheel (carbon available)
● Black roof head lining made of suade
● Custom red seat belts with logo

Tuning Tesla from the TSK team: quality assurance
TSK's Tesla 'Cyber 3' tuning project is the perfect solution to give your car a super tune-up, as it's a unique upgrade for Tesla electric vehicles.
TSK is a manufacturer of tuning parts for Tesla electric vehicles and our team specializes in the manufacture of unique parts made from "TSK" carbon. TSK's "Cyber 3" tuning project is a worldwide success and has received positive feedback from visitors, exhibitors, and organizers of the world-famous SEMA Show for several years in a row.
TSK's "Cyber 3" tuning project means a huge number of quality and on-time tasks, our satisfied partners, and happy customers.
In addition to tuning, TSK sells Tesla electric cars as well as Spare parts for Tesla cars. TSK has its own Tesla service in various countries around the world.
Order Tuning Tesla from TSK means you can make your wildest dreams about your car come true!